I feel like the last few months I’ve been in spiritual stasis, alternately drifting through short waves of interest and disillusionment. I’m waiting for something, but I’m not sure what that is. I want to be more passionate about my Savior, but I’m not sure how I can do that of my own accord. I have been taught that it is God who both wills and works in me (Phil 2:13), but whether because I don’t believe or am not obeying, I don’t see God working the passion in me that I desire.

My current situation in life has left me with a great deal of free time, but rather than utilizing that time for constructive endeavors, I so often just squander it in front of the television or browsing the internet. I like to say that I”m not passionate about watching tv, but for the amount of time I tend to spend on it, that is really not true. I have not reached the point where spending time in prayer or in the Word is really more desirable to me than vegging out on a video game.