Solving Sudoku in One SQL Query – Part 1

I’ve seen a couple examples of using SQL to solve sudoku puzzles, but most of the ones I’ve seen have used loops or cursors to cycle through and create a correct answer. I feel like if you make a solution that’s procedural like that, you might as well have done it in a language that’s designed to be procedural. The real trick is to write a query that really makes use of a relational database’s parallel projection capabilities to solve a sudoku challenge

We’ll start with the fairly simple sudoku puzzle below.


The Solution

For those looking for a tl;dr, here is the complete solution for solving a sudoku puzzle with a single query. The first two query simply define and populate the given values of a puzzle, then the last query evaluates and returns a solved sudoku grid. I’ll be posting a couple more times with in depth looks at various sections of the query.


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