There is one bit of advice given to us by the ancient heathen Greeks, and by the Jews in the Old Testament, and by the great Christian teachers of the Middle Ages, which the modern economic system has completely disobeyed. All these people told us not to lend money at interest; and lending money at interest – what we call investment – is the basis of our whole system.
– C.S. Lewis, “Mere Christianity”

I have been reading a lot about capitalism in the past few days, mostly because of the classes on globalization that I am taking. I am gaining new perspective on this system of economic and social structure that has been fed to me as a given for my whole life. I did not, until recently, even know that people thought of it in any other way. It has always been that capitalism is right and anything else, especially socialism, is wrong.
But as I read and discover more of the character of God, the more I see that Heaven will not be a capitalist utopia.

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