The Road to Emmaus

Have you ever said goodbye to a hero?
Have you ever had to lay away your dreams?
Have you ever been so lonely that a stranger is your best friend?
then you’ll know what I mean

So this is our highway to heaven
our American dream
the two fools on the road to emmaus
well they might as well be you and me

Have you ever been angry at your country?
Have you ever been angry at your God?
Have you ever been so angry that you can’t see what you’ve got right in front of you?

Have you ever been distracted by the homeless?
Have you ever thrown your dollar with disgust?
Have you ever thought the great commission’s just too great a cost?
Have you ever played the fool?

The story of the men on the road to Emmaus is one of those stories that makes the Bible real to me. Two men returning home after witnessing the rise and fall of one they thought was the one who would bring about a new age. Their disappointment palpable, their hearts shattered, and their minds confused, I can relate easily to them. The situations behind them are so strong in their minds that they cannot recognize the joyful truth standing right next to them.

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