I have always thought that “sharing my faith” meant telling people about the faith that I’m a part of. It meant I had to gloss it up and put God’s “best foot forward”. I had to explain what perfect faith looks like and be a perfect example of that faith. With this mentality, evangelism is impossible.

But that is not what God meant when he said “make disciples of all nations”. To make what I say mean anything to anyone, it has to be true of myself and real in my experience. If I struggle with a good God that let’s bad things happen, then how can I possibly give the Sunday School answers to a grieving mother and hope that it will ease her pain?

I’ve had this vision of faith as some kind of “perfect other”, a place I go for a little while, if I’m good,
and meet God. But if faith is real, it has to be real always and forever. So faith won’t always be perfect, it won’t be pretty and precise. It will be dirty sometimes and that’s okay.

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